UDS Foundation’s New Volunteer Coordinator by webtech
Annette Whitlock UDS Foundation

Meet UDS Foundation’s new volunteer coordinator Annette Whitlock. She began her relationship with UDSF as a volunteer herself.  When Martha Weaver retired as the volunteer music director at Adult Enrichment since its inception, Annette stepped in September 2008 and was then hired as a program aide when the program completed state certification.  Along with the semi-annual musical shows she directs, she expanded her teaching to include keyboard lessons, music appreciation, independent living skills, cooking, world cultures… whatever was needed to provide an enriching experience for the participants.  She just recently cut back her hours to pursue other opportunities to serve.

Her professional background includes teaching piano lessons (which she continues to do) and teaching the music program at the local Montessori school.  Her teaching and leadership skills, however, have been honed through her many opportunities to serve in her lay ministry church.  She currently serves as President of the children’s organization in her congregation.

She has been married to Jeff Whitlock for 36 years, is the mother of four grown children, and a grandmother of five.  Annette enjoys a unique perspective within UDSF as not only an employee, but also as a mother of a consumer and Adult Enrichment participant, Jonathan Whitlock.

Annette’s driving force is to make a bit of a difference in other people’s lives, just like so many who are involved with UDSF.  She is looking forward to having the chance to better match these good and giving people of our community to the needs of those we serve.

If you are interested in volunteering with UDSF for any of our programs, please contact Annette at annettew@udsfoundation.org or 888-837-4235.