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Transition School

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For some high school students with disabilities, preparing for life after graduation is critical. A happy and successful future means meeting new challenges, including employment, independent living and adjusting to new people and expectations. With the right guidance, these students not only transition smoothly, they flourish—and very often achieve their dreams.

Preparing the Way to Success

UDS Transition School helps high school students with a range of disabilities prepare for the future. We teach life skills that enable them to live more independently, better informed and with greater confidence in their abilities. The knowledge gained at the Transition School empowers these young adults to find competitive employment and become contributing members of the community.

In a small group setting, students learn a wide variety of usable skills. The supportive environment enables them to discuss personal challenges and make social connections. One-on-one attention gives instructors the opportunity to concentrate on a student’s areas of specific need. Students attend classes one day a week during the school year and receive school credit for their participation. Our instructors coordinate with public school teachers to provide support for each student’s future plans and personal goals.

Eligibility and Cost

The UDS Transition School is designed for high school juniors and seniors. Student selection is based on public school recommendations, as well as the student’s individual goals, interests and ability to interact productively within a group structure. Enrollment is at no cost to the student, based upon assessment of the student’s scholarship qualifications.

Counties Served in Pennsylvania


Typical Classes

While the specific classes offered may vary, here is a sampling of classes taught:

  • Budgeting for the future
  • Community resources
  • Financial management
  • Independent living skills
  • Pre-vocational skills
  • Studying for drivers permit
  • Anger management
  • Communication skills
  • Positive assertiveness
  • Social interaction skills
  • Self esteem
  • Stress management
  • Problem solving
  • Workplace interactions

Pre-Employment Transition Services Program

UDS Transition School is pleased to be partnering with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation as one of their providers for the Pre-Employment Transition Services Program (PETS) in Lancaster County School Districts. We can provide group activities/curriculum based learning for pre-vocational skills and financial management classes. Topics include but are not limited to:

Pre-Vocational Skills

  • Job hunting and doing it correctly
  • Figuring out your job skill set
  • Creating a resume and filling out applications
  • You got the job, now what happens?
  • Ways to get fired
  • Handling job and home stress
  • Getting good performance reviews
  • Getting promotions and raises

Financial Management

  • Your relationship with money
  • Creating a spending plan
  • Wants, needs and goal setting
  • Cash register training and counting money
  • Banking and ways to save
  • Difference between debit and debt
  • Identity theft and scams
  • Comparative shopping
  • Taxes and your paycheck
  • Renting an apartment and what it costs


Funding for the UDS Transition School

The UDS Transition School is solely funded through the generosity of businesses who participate with the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC).