5 Teams Celebrate Graduation 2017 by lorib

On Monday evening, August 28th, the UDS Service Dogs Program celebrated the Class of 2017 with 5 teams successfully completing their 2 year training program to become certified Service Dog Teams!

Congratulations to Dewey, Aspen & Vale, all working in the Northern York School District.  We had a great turnout of staff from NYSD to help celebrate these great dogs!

Also, we were joined by Dan & Suzy Keller, long time friends and supporters of UDS and the Service Dogs Program.  Dan & Suzy sponsored Dewey and were on hand to present him with his working vest.

We had a packed house of trainers, volunteers and clients along with our guests helping us to honor these amazing dogs!

Thank you to everyone who came out to help us celebrate the 2017 Graduating Class of the UDS Service Dogs Program!

A special shout out to Sammie R. for taking these wonderful photos!