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Employment Services

Helping Employers Find Qualified Employees

The best, most motivated, and most reliable employees oftentimes have a disability. But they are sometimes overlooked and not given the chance they deserve to compete for available jobs. Many employers have found that hiring people with disabilities is not only the right thing to do, it’s also smart business.

UDS Employment Services is an employment service designed to meet the needs of local employers and individuals with disabilities. We do this by matching qualified applicants with employers who are looking for motivated, hard-working employees. Our candidates have skills in many areas: production, clerical, professional, sales, medical, retail, and others. We work with a wide variety of individuals with disabilities including and not limited to:  cerebral palsy, spina bifida, learning disabled, head injury, autism and mental health.

Our counselors also work closely with employers, providing free on-the-job training (if required) for new employees, advice on job accommodations and follow-up reviews to make sure that the individual is performing well. We help to place individuals looking for both full and part-time employment. Companies who hire individuals with disabilities may even qualify for a federal tax credit and we can supply them with the paperwork and information on how to file.

Making the Road to Fulfilling Employment Easy

UDS employment counselors work one-on-one with individuals through all phases of the employment process, from vocational assessment to job development to job maintenance. Many individuals qualify for government assistance and are referred to us by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. In addition to OVR client referrals, we also work with private individuals on customized programs.

UDS helps individuals in the following ways:

  • Skills assessment
  • Resume creation
  • Interview preparation
  • Job skills
  • Job development
  • Career counseling
  • On-the-job training
  • Employer contacts


Eligibility and Scheduling

Any adult with a disability referred by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) is eligible for vocational services at no additional charge depending on OVR funding and UDS staff availability. Evaluation and placement services are arranged on an individual basis. UDS also works with private individuals on custom programs. At this time, only Lancaster County and City residents are eligible for government assistance through UDS.


Community-Based Work Assessments

A Community Based Work Assessment is an assessment to see if individuals are ready and capable to return to, or start, working competitively in the community.  We observe, monitor and coach individuals side-by-side to perform the essential work duties and obey the policies and procedures of a company.

We match each individuals’ interests to the company. Some individuals look for retail, food services, customer service, maintenance, production, clerical or other employment types. Each person’s need is different and we individualize our services to the unique needs of our clients.

Individuals will go to a place of employment and participate in a job as if they were an employee. They will work for approx. 4-hours with supervision by the job coach throughout the shift. This gives individuals the opportunity to see exactly what is involved in the job. Upon completion of the assessment, we will make recommendations for what the next steps should be to help the individual in their quest for employment.

Employers can help by teaming up with UDS to allow us to complete the Community Based Work Assessment in their facility. We will work with your schedule, timetable and discuss with you how often your company would like to participate. Everything will be done on your terms and at your company’s pace. Each employer may have different job tasks that need to be completed and we cater to that need. We supply insurance that will cover ourselves and the client during the assessment. All participants are expected to obey the policies and procedures of your company.  Your participation in this program provides a valuable service to the community by helping individuals to learn if they are capable of performing job functions.  Employers are under no obligation to hire anyone. The Community Based Work Assesment is to see if the client likes the job and can work competitively.


We also offer internships to employers who are interested. Our applicants will work for your company at no cost to you. The client comes to work on time and prepared for work just like every other employee. They can work for free or 1 – 3 days.  A professional job coach will work with the participant on the job, teaching and ensuring that productivity standards are being met. The coach will see that the intern follows the policies and procedures of the company, such as — customer service standards, dress code, safety rules, loss prevention policies — or, anything else that is important. We also provide Workers’ Compensation for the job coach and intern. Employment is only offered if the intern meets the company’s needs and standards. Employers are under no obligation to hire the person if it does not work out and if it does, employers have the beginnings of a trained employee.

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