With more than 50 years’ experience in helping thousands of people with disabilities with their assisted living needs and home health care, no one has to tell us, either. That’s why we’ve taken all of our knowledge, experience, and resources and focused them into a single, innovative source designed to address virtually every aspect of living more independently with a disability: The UDS Resource Center.

At the UDS Resource Center, you’ll find literally all of the information, products, services and programs needed for people with disabilities, the aging, veterans, and people recovering from surgery to live more independently and safely in their own home. And you’ll find knowledgeable, experienced, caring professionals to answer your questions, advise you and provide information about disabilities, products and services that will make a meaningful difference in your life: everything from service dogs to power wheelchairs to comprehensive care management. Even consulting, design and construction services to help make your home as accessible as it can be.

Simply put, we have the knowledge, understanding, sensitivity and resources to help people with disabilities live more active, independent, safer, happier lives all in one convenient place.

Your One-Stop Source for Independent Living Needs

Our Resource Center gives you access to all the disabilities resources we have to offer:

Planning and Support

  • Care Management
  • Adult Autism Care Management
  • Resource Center

Personal Care and Independence

  • In-Home Personal Care
  • Accessible Home Modifications
  • Mobility and Rehab Equipment
  • Custom Wheelchair Seating
  • Service Dogs

Enrichment and Life Skills

  • Adult Enrichment
  • Employment Services
  • Transition School
  • Challenger Football and Cheerleading

Community Resources

  • Financial Assistance
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Government Programs

Want to Learn More?

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