Special Needs Trusts

We can work with your financial institutions, attorneys, and advisors to help you maximize the extent and utility of medical care funds, trusts or settlements, while ensuring the best personalized care. We can connect you with resources to advise on agreements that allow an adult child or other relative to be supported from an aging parent’s assets.

PA State Funded Programs

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania developed Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) as a result of a congressional law enacted in 1965. These services allow Pennsylvanians, even with severe disabilities, to live at home.

There are HCBS programs for individuals with disabilities aged 18-59, and other programs for individuals aged 60 and older. These programs are funded through the Office of Long-Term Living or the Bureau of Autism Services. Some HCBS programs are known as “waiver programs” because the federal government waives rules in order for the state to provide services to people at home and in the community of their choice.

Ada Harr Grant

Thank you to the Lancaster County Community Foundation for awarding Independent Living Services with funds from the Ada Harr Grant. This limited financial opportunity helps individuals with minimal or no funding to receive in-home personal care services. For more information or to see if you qualify for these services contact our Resource Center at 888-837-4235 for assistance.