I need resources, but I don’t know where to start or what is available. Can I talk to someone to discuss my needs?

The UDS Resource Center is here to help answer all of your questions. We primarily support individuals looking for services in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania. If we don’t have the answer, we will research it for you. We can connect you to a variety of resources such as in-home personal care, home medical equipment, accessible home modifications, custom wheelchair seating and service dogs. In addition, we can guide you in understanding what resources are available within the community to support your individual needs. Contact us at ResourceCenter@udsfoundation.org or 888-837-4235.

Is there financial assistance available to get the resources I need?

We understand that funding your services can be complicated and confusing. We are here to help walk you through this process. Depending on the type of services you need and your income level, you may be eligible for financial assistance. The State of Pennsylvania has several state-funded waiver programs that allow qualified individuals to receive services at low or no cost. Individuals looking only for modifications such as accessible showers and ramps to allow them to stay safely in their homes may qualify for other funding opportunities. For more information, visit our Financial Assistance page.

What services are available to help me live independently in my own home as I age?

Typically, accessible home modifications are the first step toward remaining independent in your home. Since slips and falls in the bathroom are a primary concern as we age, replacing a standard bathtub/shower with a low-barrier or no-threshold shower is often the first step in helping you live safely in your home. Well-positioned grab bars and shower seats may also be a good option to keep you safe. For individuals who are having difficulty navigating steps, a power stair lift allows easy access to a second story or an outside porch. We can provide a free in-home safety inspection to help you understand the obstacles and make recommendations for helping to overcome them.

Other support you may need could include home medical equipment, such as walkers, wheelchairs and electric beds. We understand you want to remain active as you age, and can help recommend appropriate equipment that fits into your lifestyle.

We can also help connect you with in-home personal care to help with things such as cooking, cleaning, toileting, running errands, medication reminders and respite care. Whether it is for you or a loved one, in-home personal care can be a great supplement to help you maintain your independence.

How is UDS Foundation funded?

Many of the programs provided by UDS Foundation are supported through state and federal funding; however, this pays for only a portion of what it actually costs to provide these services. We also rely on community support and are grateful to our corporate and individual sponsors and donors. Without your support, we would not be able to provide many of our services. 91% of every dollar donated goes toward supporting the services we provide.

What volunteer opportunities are available to support UDS Foundation?

There are a variety of ways you can use your talents to support UDS Foundation. You can volunteer to participate at one of our annual fundraising events, such as the Holiday Gift Wrap Booth at Park City Center or the annual Gala. You can become a friend to the Service Dog program through volunteering as a Puppy Home or Puppy Pal. Volunteering to be part of our Challenger Football and Cheerleading program is a great way to connect with youth with disabilities in our community. And we are always looking for individuals to help us on our fundraising committee or to develop content for our web and social media. To learn more about volunteer opportunities:


Do you accept donations of equipment or other items?

We gladly accept donations of new equipment, supplies or services. You will receive an in-kind letter that you can use for filing your taxes that show the value of your donation.

Although we may occasionally be able to accept direct donations of used equipment, such as stair lifts, that we previously installed, we are not able to receive most used medical equipment. We do, however, partner with other organizations like the VFW who will refurbish used equipment and make it available in the community.