New Home For UDS! by Debra

On March 19, 2018, UDS moved our corporate headquarters to a new home at 2270 Erin Court, Lancaster, PA. This is the first time in UDS history that we will own our main building!

After helping countless individuals live more independently in the community, UDS is looking to gain independence of its own.  With a new, larger home at Erin Court, UDS will gain much needed space while saving money, allowing us to serve our clients more efficiently and effectively.

Our new home will allow us to expand programs by providing:

  • Care management for 10% more clients
  • Custom wheelchairs for 20% more clients
  • Home modifications for 20% more clients
  • Training for three times the number of services dogs we place each year

We will increase collaboration through:

  • Better staff coordination
  • Improved client convenience
  • Better synergies and innovation

We will ensure sustainability through:

  • Gaining significant cost savings and building equity
  • These savings will be used to support underfunded programs and serve more individuals, while building readiness to provide new services as the need arises

This is an exciting time for UDS and those we serve! Come visit us in our new home!