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UDS Home Modification Shower

We have a special kind of expertise when it comes to making homes accessible for individuals with disabilities. A contractor or remodeler certainly has the technical skills required to construct a project, but where UDS makes a difference is in the planning, knowledge of the range of solutions available, being comfortable in interactions with individuals with disabilities and making the home modification experience a good one for everyone. We understand the challenges individuals with disabilities face and can assist you through the project. Here are the numerous types of projects we can help make possible:

Accessible Bathrooms.
 We offer roll-under sinks, walk-in tubs with bath seats, bathtub lifts, handicap showers with shower seats and grab bars. We can help with bathroom modifications such as out-swing doors, hand-held showerheads, easy-transfer toilets, wheelchair turnaround areas, grab bars, non-slip surfaces and easy-access storage.

Accessible Kitchens. 
People who use wheelchairs need an easy-to-use kitchen. We can help you plan, purchase and install proper height/easy-access front-operated appliances, roll-under and pullout work areas, lower counters and cabinets, easy-access storage, recessed baseboards, non-slip surfaces and improved lighting.

Independent Living Bedrooms. We can help you with built-in beds and cabinets, bedside controls, direct bathroom access, wheelchair-convenient storage, easy-access closets and reinforced ceilings for lifting equipment.

Public Facility and Workplace Modifications.
 We design and contract for modifications to offices, churches, schools, libraries, museums and community centers that allow easier access and greater usability.

Home Medical Equipment. In addition to accessible home modifications and equipment designed to help you live more independently, UDS offers a full line of durable medical equipment including wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, hospital beds, lift chairs, walkers and personal emergency alert systems.