The SuperPole™ System by webtech
Man Using Super Pole System

The SuperPole™ System is an award-winning modular support system designed for those requiring assistance with standing, transferring, or moving in bed. Central to the system is a stylish floor-to-ceiling grab bar which provides a secure structure that can be installed in minutes between a floor and ceiling.

SuperPole™ with SuperBar™ is innovative: a gentle lift unlocks the bar. Keep the bar up to move freely or let the bar down to lock. SuperPole™ with SuperBar™ provides 8 locking positions around the SuperPole. Push or pull on the bar to assist with sitting, standing and moving. To help prevent a forward fall, the bar will lock if released. Widely prescribed by therapists around the world, SuperPole™ with SuperBar™ offers trusted support. It maximizes the use of available strength while a caregiver supervises. Promotes safe and independent movement. It’s also great for around the bath or toilet where limited space can make it difficult for a wheelchair or walker.

SuperPole™ with SuperTray™ simply snaps on to your SuperPole to provide the convenience of a bedside table. The SuperTray is easy to install, remove and adjust in height or position. It is a compact alternative to bulky floor-based over-bed tables.

SuperPole™ with SuperTrapeze™ – An award winning trapeze with a unique offset handle that mounts to the SuperPole™.  The SuperTrapeze™ handle simulates two rungs on a ladder and allows for improved use of arm strength to “climb up” to a seated position.  Conventional trapeze floor stands can force the bed away from the wall, reducing valuable floor space.  SuperPole™ with SuperTrapeze™ installs beside the bed and requires less than 5″/13 cm of floor space.  It provides superior assistance to achieve a seated position in bed.  The trapeze support arm and nylon strap are height adjustable.  For easy storage, simply hook the trapeze handle onto the SuperPole™.

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