Hi everyone!  My name is Renner, it is so cool that I am in training to be a UDS Service Dog!  I came to UDS with my brothers Reece and Brodey.  I am sponsored by the Porsche Club of America.  Does this mean I like to go fast?  No, I am more of a Sunday afternoon cruisin’ kind of dog then an Indy race car driver.  The only thing fast I do is to worm my way into your heart!

I did my initial training with some really nice people at SCI Houtzdale as part of their RUFF pups in prison program.  The guys there were great and taught me so many wonderful things, I am so glad for the people there.  One of my handlers there said ” Renner is going to make someone really happy someday and we hope he gets the love and attention he deserves.” Thank you friend that was very nice of you to say.  Thank you for all the love you gave to me while I was with you.

While I was in the RUFF program I developed my own kind of “super hero power”.  One of the other people there noticed it and said this about me.

“Renner really is special.  He showed an intense interest towards a little girl that turned out to have diabetes and he also focused on a lady’s stomach that had a cyst that popped the next day.  The lady told the Doctor about Renner and said that he kept sniffing her stomach just the day before.  We’ve always know Renner was very perceptive but it’s cool to get confirmation.”

You can call me “Super Renner”.  The nose knows but the heart follows.  I even have a special cape I wear that has UDS on it!  Move over Super Man, Thor, Spider Man, and all you other guys.  Here I come!

Right now I am with this amazing lady, Sammie, who is doing my secondary training.  SHE ROCKS!  Sammie is introducing me to so many new things and experiences.  She actually got me to get up on a metal surface which a lot of dogs do not like because we slide easily.  She makes training fun!  She is also an incredible photographer too but with a mug like mine any picture she takes of me will be a good picture.  Sammie has been one of the UDS Service Dogs volunteers for 6 years and everyone there is really happy to have her as part of the team.

I will let you know when my super powers are made official.  Until then, Same Renner Time, Same Renner Channel…..


Last June we shared the story above and wanted to provide our friends and supporters with an update:

On October 5th Renner was placed with Wayne, and the two are forming a fast and deep bond in just the short period of time they have been together.  Renner helps Wayne with balance issues, retrieving items, and using his super Renner powers of detection for some of Wayne’s health issues.  He has also picked up on keeping Wayne safe at night by bracing himself beside Wayne so that he does not roll over on the wrong side causing physical complications and being a good cuddle buddy.

I asked Wayne to please share a story about his time with Renner, and he shared that Renner is truly an awesome dog and he has made his life better.  That he is a very smart dog, one night during class, Kristy Smith was working with Renner and Wayne teaching Renner to get Wayne’s cane, within 10 minutes Renner was able to retrieve the cane and give it to Wayne.

When Wayne has a migraine, Renner will come and lay down and put his head on Wayne’s chest, letting him know he is there, providing comfort and staying with him.  He is very watchful of his new friend, keeping vigilant eyes on Wayne, watching for signs of balance issues, coming along side of him to provide the needed support to keep Wayne from falling.

Renner focusing on Wayne

Of those of us who have been lucky enough to spend time with Renner, we will tell you this guy loves people.  Wayne shares that when company comes to see him at home, Renner will become quite vocal and talks like “Chewbacca” greeting his guests with tail wagging, and grabbing a toy.  He has a way of making those around him relax with his gentle nature.  He is a bit like Jimmy Buffer in fur, making you want to relax and grab a drink with an umbrella in it.