Hi everyone, my name is Murray and I have been told I am MARVELOUS!  I also hear what a handsome boy I am, and that I have a kind and friendly face.  A few people have also said “My Murray, what a big head you have!”  I like to think it’s because of all the amazing commands I am learning.

I was born on September 29, 2015 at Zion March Labradors.  My sponsor was Elizabeth Zipf from New Jersey.  She sponsored both myself and my buddy Brodey.  I was sad to hear that Elizabeth crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and I never had a chance to meet her and give her kisses.  I know I will see her again and we can play ball together and she can give me belly rubs.  I love a good belly rub.  Thank you Elizabeth for seeing the possibilities in me and for your support to the UDS Service Dogs Program.

When I was just 8 weeks old I went to this place called SCI Houtzdale in their RUFF pups in prison program.  There I had great inmate handlers who trained me.  We worked together on learning over 60 commands!  Some I picked up better than others, some I am still working on mastering.

Now I am with a new friend, her name is Janna and she is AMAZING!  She’s being really patient with me.  It is a big adjustment for me now that I am outside of the prison.  Inside everything was on a pretty tight schedule which is good when you’re a little puppy learning how to potty outside and not inside.  Most days I saw the same people day after day, and the same places so I knew what to expect.  Now that I am in a home there are a lot of different experiences I am encountering.  Like riding in a car more than I use to, it’s quieter too then what it was in the prison so that takes getting use to.  I am also getting use to kitchens, having food prepared right where I can smell it and it smells so good!

Janna is working on the second half of my training to make sure I don’t get lazy with the commands I have already been taught.  I get to come to classes here at UDS and see a lot of my friends and we all work on new lessons together, we go on fun field trips together, like the Harrisburg Airport where we rode a bus!  We walked through security so if the person I am paired with ever wants to take a trip I will know how to behave and what to expect so I can make everyone in the program proud of the service dog I am becoming.

I am very excited to be part of the team here at UDS and I am learning lots and lots of new things.  If anyone has questions about the program, what we do, how you can become involved, please contact Lori Breece.  She will be happy to answer any questions you have.  Don’t forget the service dogs have some great events coming up like the Chicken BBQ, May 19th and our Cause for Paws 5K on June 17th.  Bring your dogs if they’re friendly and up to date on shots.  I would be happy to meet them and make new friends.

Stay tuned for more news on how I am doing in the program.

Tail wags to you all


This a new picture of me, we were visiting Turkey Hill Experience on one of our field trips! Bye for now!