Brodey in Dog Wash

Hello to all my friends at UDS!  My name is Brodey, you’ve already met my brother Renner and then we also have our other brother Reece.  I like to think of us at the dynamic duo but there are three of us so maybe the “Terrific Trio”.  That’s it!  We are like super heroes with 4 legs and a tail.

My brother Renner and I did out training with some special people at SCI Houtzdale in their RUFF pups in prison program.  One of the things that I liked about being there was that we were all learning together, the dogs and the inmates.  The handlers were learning how to work with us so when they get to go home they have a skill to take with them and maybe continue to work with other dogs.  My brother and I learned a lot from the guys at SCI Houtzdale.  We learned the practical things we need to know for our people like “Sit”, “laydown”, “heal”, “leave it”, and other commands that will help us become amazing service dogs.  We also learned things like trust, and love from the inmates too.  I like to think that they learned trust and love from us too.

I was sponsored by a really nice lady named Elizabeth Zipf from New Jersey.  Elizabeth crossed over the rainbow bridge and we never had a chance to meet, or give her kisses to thank her.  So I am making sure that I become the best service dog ever to make her proud of me from heaven.

Right now I am with another really special lady, Linda.  Linda has been training service dogs for UDS for 15 years!  We are becoming buddies and she is making my training fun.  She will tell you that I love to be outside and has even moved some of my training outdoors to make things fun.  She is so good to me and I am working on things like leave it, give and retrieving things which let’s face it, I am good at, I am a retriever after all.  I like to push things closed with my head like cabinet doors.  Now I need to learn how to tug doors open.

I also let my gentle side show with Linda’s older dog, Campbell.  I like having another dog friend with me.  Campbell is older so I am sure to show him the respect that he deserves.

Bye for now!