Annette’s Custom Wheelchair by webtech
UDS Home Medical Equipment

When UDS Home Medical Equipment first met Annette one year ago, she was seated in a power wheelchair which was totally inappropriate for her medical needs. The chair fit poorly and it did not provide any ability for her to reposition herself. She was in great physical pain and discomfort in her power wheelchair, as well as being at high risk for pressure related complications due to total lack of positioning components. In an attempt to assist with her instability and pain in the chair, Annette had become quite the “Do It Yourself-er”….finding ways to get lateral trunk support by parking close to a table so she had a weight bearing surface for her weak side; stuffing pillows beside her to narrow the back width; and tying her legs together with a decorative scarf so her feet did not fall off the footplate which was far too narrow.

We began the lengthy, tedious process of therapy evaluations; face-to-face physician appointments; insurance submission; insurance denial; insurance resubmission….and finally after almost one year, an insurance victory! During this lengthy process she was a trooper. She understood that insurance regulations do not make things easy and assisted in every step with contacting anyone she could to move things along. Annette recently received her new chair. She no longer needs to sit propped up on a table. She is able to change her positioning by tilting, reclining and elevating her legs with the touch of a button. She has a seat size that accommodates her physical size and no longer suffers from pain caused by poor seating sizes and selections. She now has the appropriate positioning devices for controlling her trunk and hips. If Annette is reaching for a decorative scarf today it is NOT to tie her legs onto the footplates, but to provide a fashion accessory to her daily wardrobe!

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