Accessible Kitchens by webtech
Handicap Accessible Kitchens

People who use wheelchairs need an easy-to-use kitchen. We can help you plan, purchase and install proper height/easy-access front-operated appliances, roll-under and pullout work areas, lower counters and cabinets, easy-access storage, recessed baseboards, non-slip surfaces and improved lighting.

Experience is our greatest strength. UDS brings insight and sensitivity to every job. We have experience with the unique needs of people with disabilities and can provide practical solutions that add greatly to our clients’ quality of life. We are specialists providing a full range of home modifications for those with disabilities and the elderly.

We work with some of the industry’s best and most respected product suppliers. And because we purchase large quantities of home modification products every year, our clients can be sure they will receive the best service and highest quality at the lowest cost.