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The Extraordinary Give

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Imagine a life where you couldn’t do the simplest of things like tie your own shoes, open a door or get around in your own home. These challenges are a daily reality for many of our UDSF clients facing disabilities. Helping people with disabilities is our mission

This year UDSF is celebrating its 50th year of helping people live better lives through programs like Service Dogs, Home Modifications, Custom Wheelchair Seating and much more.  None of these programs would be possible without the big dreams of a little girl over 50 years ago. It all began in 1965 when we were inspired by the touching story of a young girl named Anna who was unable to attend a local theater showing of Mary Poppins with the other children because she was in a wheelchair. A local Pastor made it his mission to hold activities that could accommodate children with disabilities and from this inspiration United Cerebral Palsy of Lancaster County was born. In 2000, we became United Disabilities Services (UDS)—a new name to reflect our greatly expanded capabilities. What began with one little girl’s desire to see a movie now allows us to serve over 3,000 individuals with disabilities in central Pennsylvania.

UDSF is honored to have been selected again this year to be part of the Extraordinary Give! Please consider giving to UDS and help us shine a light of hope on so many people facing disabilities in our community.

Our Role in the Community
UDS Foundation’s strong commitment to provide vital personal care and support services for people with physical and age-related disabilities impacts our local community. Our services enhance their abilities and independence and enriches their lives as well as the lives of their families and caregivers and enables them to engage in society and their community.

$500 can
Sponsor a Challenger Football game for kids with disabilities.

$1000 can
Buy a puppy to train for the UDS Service Dog Program.

$2500 can
Can buy a complete custom seating system for an individual with disabilities through the UDS Custom Wheelchair Seating program.